After being the subject of much criticism globally about the kind of fast food that it sells and contributing to obesity, McDonalds in Hong Kong has opened a new concept restaurant that is unlike any of its other outlets across the world. 

So the burgers, soft drinks and fries are still there, but there’s a lot more that’s been changed for this restaurant. Here’s what it looks like: 

b’The McDonalds at Admiralty Centre | Source: Chan Kin Chu/ Facebook’

So it’s got a live salad bar. And it has 19 ingredients that you can use to make your own salad and among them are products you’d never expect in a McDonalds, including crayfish egg mayo and a Quinoa cous cous. The fast food chain is hoping to get in the healthy eaters with the superfood. 

b’The salad bar | Source: Chan Kin Chu / Facebook’

Burgers can be customised to a whole new level where you get to choose the kind of bread you eat as well.

b’The deli bar | Source: Chan Kin Chu| Facebook’

It even has table service.

b’Table service at the outlet | Source:xc2xa0xe5xb8xb8xe8x89xbaxe8x81xaa| Facebook’

There are self-order kiosks that allow you to place your order without you having to stand in one of those lines and talk to multiple servers. 

b’Automated kiosks | Source: Hanse Huang/ Facebookxc2xa0′

They also have air charging platforms in over a quarter of the seats so that you can charge your phone 

b’The air charging platforms in the restaurant | Source: xe7xb0xa1xe5x9fxb9xe5xaex87| Facebook’

And best of all, there’s no Ronald McDonald anywhere (in pictures or statue) inside the restaurant!

It’s presently a concept restaurant that the fast food chain is experimenting with in Hong Kong and its not known when it will see the light of day in India. But given what it looks like and what it’s got on offer, it looks like a welcome upgrade to the existing outlets of the chain.