Election season in India is an interesting one. From the announcement of poll dates to the final election day, political parties try their best to woo voters of their constituencies.

Elections in Delhi are just round the corner and the city is all geared up yet again. From making tall promises to distributing goodies, political candidates are making the best of the last few hours of campaigning.

And not to forget how they are at their creative best during the ongoing door-to-door campaign.

Look at the goodies distributed by BJP volunteers in Mehrauli area. There’s a keyring, a small notepad and a measuring tape.

Wait, there’s more to it. This measuring tape is nothing like the usual ones. While a normal measuring tape measures 60 inches, this one’s marked till 56.

And if you’ve followed Modi’s campaigns, you’d know the significance of 56” ka seena. In 2014, Modi first boasted about his 56” chest while speaking at a rally in UP’s Gorakhpur. He said:

It takes 56-inch chest to convert UP into Gujarat.

Since then, 56” has been associated with Modi’s chest size.


In certain other areas of Delhi, volunteers of AAP not only distributed report cards mentioning their achievements in the last five years, but also handed out guarantee cards on their major promises.

A guarantee card for better tomorrow, better education and better healthcare.

It’s a normal human tendency to buy products that come with a guarantee card and AAP has played really well here.

Isn’t that an interesting and innovative idea?