In order to honour and celebrate the medical frontline workers all across the globe for being our saviours during the pandemic, Latvia has installed a giant 20-feet (6-meter) tall statue in their national capital. 

Source: CNN

The mastermind behind this thoughtful gesture, artist Aigars Bikše unveiled the statue at a ceremony outside the Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga.

Source: Twitter

The sculpture is called ‘Medics To The World’ and is a tribute to the selflessness of healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic. You can see a female doctor wearing a lab coat and a mask with her arms stretched towards the sky. 

Source: Balictic Times

According to CNN, it took Bikše three months to create this masterpiece which was inspired by the heroic sacrifices carried out by healthcare workers during these times. 

I was watching the news, I was watching how medics met great difficulties in Italy, how they slept on hospital floors, how their faces were wounded due to wearing masks for long hours. I understood that I, as an artist, as a sculptor, should say something. 

                    - Aigars Bikše

While India is busy spending crores of rupees in erecting statues of politicians and religious figures, Latvia is honouring the real heroes i.e frontline workers with this heart-felt sculpture.