Let’s face it. Most of the times, Indian cops don’t get any love from the aam junta. No matter how hard the job is, more often than not, they end up being feared and hated.

C’mon guys. Woh bhi insan hain. They too need love.

However, like they say, excess of anything is bad. Same goes for love as well.

As some flustered Meerut constables discovered first hand when they started getting calls from ‘lovestruck’ women who chose control room numbers 100 and 101 to express their love.

According to a report by The Times Of India, Sanjeev Malik, a fire department constable said that everyday, they receive around 1000 calls. Out of which, 90% are prank calls.

A majority of these prank calls come from women.

He also said that while most women propose to them on phone, some also abuse them.

However, there’s also a flipside to all the love Meerut constables have been receiving.

Due to these prank calls, genuine cases suffer, since the phone line is always engaged.

Thus, many constables have to face music from their seniors despite no fault of theirs.

Sometimes, parents call up the control room and then, hand over the phone to their toddler. WTF!

Seriously guys, what perverted way of having fun is that?

However, matters become worse when men call up the helpline number and abuse women constables.

With prank callers getting out of hand, I’m pretty sure that Meerut police is getting pretty tired of all this nonsense.

Cut it out, people. What if someone seriously needs help?