The effect of the pandemic has started showing in all areas of life and it’s safe to say that the manner in which we do things has changed forever.

But a direct impact was seen in Meerut recently, when a couple named their newly-born twins ‘quarantine’ and ‘sanitiser’.

YouTube/Hindustan Times

When asked why, the mother of the kids, Venu said:

These two names quarantine and sanitiser are related to security of the humans from coronavirus, which is why we have named our boys so. I was also tested for coronavirus before delivery

Meanwhile father Dharmendra added:

Both give us protection. So, this feeling of security should remain lifelong. These are the best names that we could have found for our children.

A similar news had earlier emerged from Chhattisgarh, where a couple had named their twins Corona and Covid.

They thought that the names were actually quite beautiful and will end the stigma around the disease and will encourage people to take precautions. 


Well, one way to deal with what’s going on.

And to those whom this might seem weird, they are still better names than X Æ A-12, so…