It appears even the coronavirus has given birth to scams in India. At the moment, there are many activities and things that you can do only if you have a report that certifies you don’t have the virus. This, in turn, has given rise to a black market.

A private hospital in Meerut was offering negative Covid-19 test results if you paid them Rs 2500. 

A video that has been shared widely and originates from the hospital says, 

Pay Rs 2500 and you will get a negative report for Covid-19 test that will bear the seal of one of the two government hospitals in Meerut. The report has a validity of 14 days.

Since the incident came to light, an FIR was registered against the hospital management and the facility has also been sealed.

According to The Indian Express, Meerut Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Rajkumar Saini has ordered a probe into the situation, which is causing high concern as the document bore the stamp of the Pyarelal District Hospital, one of the two government hospitals in Meerut.

Indian Express

The investigation is ongoing and further updates are awaited.