The global pandemic has pushed millions of people to embrace Zoom conference calls as our new normal.

But honestly, catching up with a gazillion small windows on the screen and keeping a track of who is saying what can be more confusing than real-life-meetings.  

Well, Buckwheat the donkey is here to kick all your Zoom call woes away while secretly being on a mission to save her animal sanctuary in Canada which is in a dire need of cash. 

Toronto Sun

Unfortunately Buckwheat’s sanctuary, the Farmhouse Garden Animal Home was forced to close to visitors because of the ongoing pandemic. They are having financial difficulties operating the ranch. 


But with her cuteness, Buckwheat is all set to induce a dose of fun to your monotonous zoom sessions, for a small price. This grey and white beauty made her debut on a Zoom Call, when Tim Fors, the sanctuary volunteer introduced her: 

Hello. We are crashing your meeting, we are crashing your meeting — this is Buckwheat. 
Gulf News

With Buckwheat’s surprising arrival, all the faces on the call were chattering oohs and aahs. As soon as the attendees realised that Buckwheat was crashing their meeting, the virtual conference room was filled with the sound of laughter.  

If you want the adorable donkey, Buckwheat to crash one of your meetings, all you have to do is, head on the sanctuary’s website, fill out a form to hire Buckwheat for a minimum of ten minutes. 

They ( companies/ people) donate to the sanctuary when they want her to crash a meeting, so it’s mostly a fundraiser so we can feed the cows, especially during COVID. 

-Tim Fors

Farmhouse Garden Animals

However, hiring Buckwheat isn’t as cheap. Afterall, Buckwheat is a matriarchal star who wants to save her farm friends. So she charges $55 USD i.e Rs. 4,000 (approx) to make an appearance for ten minutes. 

Live Mint

If you can, please do help Buckwheat on her mission to raise money for her farm by pranking your colleagues on a Zoom call meeting with this fun-loving donkey.