India is in dire need of help, as patients suffering from Covid can’t even find oxygen cylinders, beds and medicines. People from across the country are trying their best to help, no matter the sacrifices. 

One such brave-heart who has put the needs of others above his, is Shahnawaz Sheikh. Last year, he sold his SUV to start an oxygen supply scheme. And a year later, he is still saving lives amid the coronavirus pandemic.


In 2020, Shahnawaz sold his Ford Endeavour and used the money to buy oxygen cylinders for those who needed them. And now his initiative, the Unity & Dignity Foundation has grown to help thousands of people. He has set up a 24X7 control room, where a team is working day and night in order to coordinate and communicate over phone, with those in need of oxygen cylinders. 

Last year when we started, we provided oxygen to 5,000 to 6,000 (patients). This year, there is a shortage of oxygen in the city. Where we used to get 50 calls earlier, we now get 500 to 600.

-Shahnawaz to NDTV

Shahnawaz began his initiative to supply oxygen free of cost to those in need, after his friend’s cousin died of Covid-19, back when pandemic began. When he realised that getting oxygen on time could save lives, he sold his SUV to buy medicines and oxygen cylinders for Covid patients. His grit and determination is an inspiration to all.