To encourage younger people to take up reading, Ngurang Meena has established the first roadside library in Arunachal Pradesh. 

This idea came into being when she saw that there is a wine shop every 100 metres but no library. She took up the initiative all by herself. 

Source: Indiatimes/Twitter

In conversation with Times Of India, she mentioned that she has been inviting children to spend 15-20 minutes at the library by offering them chocolates. 

children reading books at the library
Source: @NANDANPRATIM/ Twitter
I bought books of all kinds worth Rs 10,000 and spent another Rs 10,000 to make the wooden ‘Self-Help Library’. I have kept 70-80 books there and the rest are in my room.

                    - Ngurang Meena

Source: @NANDANPRATIM/ Twitter

As of now, two donors have donated books to the library.