During lockdown, people are turning to social media for all information. From news to entertainment and advice, social media is our go-to for everything.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, many social media users are turning to this one Twitter handle, @NorbertElekes for all the information and latest updates about coronavirus.

The Twitter handle belongs to Norbert Elekes, a talent entrepreneur from Hungary, who calls himself a data storyteller on Twitter. He has 208.1K followers on Twitter, and provides regular updates on developments related to the coronavirus pandemic around the world.

Be it India…

… or any other country in the world, he provides statistics and latest updates about COVID-19.

He even shares pieces of good news like these.

While Elekes never gives his opinion about any of the developments in his tweets and is quite impartial in reporting the figures, Indians on Twitter have given him a tag of ‘Yamdoot’.

While some people are requesting him to report more of good news…

… others are just tired of reading his tweets 24*7 and are asking him to shut the fuck up for a while.

Due to his weird timing of posting tweets about India, netizens are also wondering isko sone ka time kab milta hai.

Also, he tweets so frequently about coronavirus that Indians have another question – What after Corona?

Despite everything, Indians continue to follow him on Twitter, maybe because at a time when there’s fake propaganda all around, he is simply stating the facts.