The world is full of all kinds of people but there’s a certain kind of people, the good kind, that make everything worth it. 

Sakae Kato who lives in a contaminated quarantine zone chose to stay behind just to care for his cats. He also mentioned that: 

I want to make sure I am here to take care of the last one. After that, I want to die, whether that be a day or hour later.

As per sources, Sakae Kato made this decision a decade ago when the neighbours fled due to the radiation clouds from the nearby Fukushima nuclear plant.

He did all that just so he could rescue abdanoned cats. 

Till now he has buried 23 cats in his garden itself and has been looking after 41 others who reside at his home or other abandoned places. 

He heats up the food using a paraffin stove and leaves them in the storage shed. As there is a lack of running water, he fetches water from a nearby mountain and drives to reach a public toilet. 

He has not just rescued cats but also recused a dog named Pochi. 

What moved him to stay when 160,000 people chose to leave was the fact that he uncovered dead pets while demolishing houses. 

Sakae who is now 57-year-old used to be an owner of a small construction business before.

The same source mentions that his budget rounds up to $7,000 a month for his animals.

Kato is one person who never gave up on our dear animals when just about everyone was leaving them behind.