I want to say that every now and then I’d find out about a job that makes money by the bucket load, for seemingly amazing duties. In certain cases, the job itself is a pay off more than the moolah it generates. And, eight-year old Murrah bull Yuvraj is one such animal whose job I so envy. You all will too.

Here’s how Yuvraj’s been making bucket loads of money. 

Farmer Karamvir Singh named Yuvraj after the famous Indian cricketer.

Uske sitare cricketer ke beech buland the (he was among the shining star among cricketers) So, I kept the then baby bull’s name after him,” he said in an interview with The Times Of India. Little did the Haryana farmer know that Yuvraj, the bull, would rise up to a similar stature among the bovine family. In fact, Yuvraj’s parents are also named after cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s parents, Yograj and Ganga.


Being a much sought after breed of bull, Yuvraj’s semen is in huge demand.

In fact, Karamvir Singh’s farm in Haryana is much like a cutting edge semen storage facility. A single ejaculation by Yuvraj – between 4-6 ml of semen – is scientifically diluted into 500-600 doses, and stored away in sterile straws inside liquid nitrogen containers. Each of these doses are sold for ₹300. 


Yuvraj has been making Karamvir ₹40-45 Lakh a year.

But Karamvir is quick to point out that Yuvraj’s maintenance expenses are no cake walk either. Spending around ₹3000 everyday on Yuvraj’s food, the rest of Karamvir’s spoils go into maintaining the farm and the cattle in it. That doesn’t change the fact that Karamvir claims a couple of well-to-do farmers also offered him nearly ₹9 Crore for Yuvraj alone. But Karamvir is unwilling to part with him.


Considering that the Murrah bulls are such a rare breed of buffalo, dairy farmers across north India look for semen of any known Murrah bull for their milch buffaloes. And Yuvraj is the gladiator star among them all.

Yuvraj didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose him.

This story was first published in the Times Of India. 

Masthead and Feature Image Source: nortonadventure.blogspot.com