According to Hindustan Times, the Ghatkopar Police arrested two people for trying to sell extremely rare ambergris (whale vomit), worth ₹1.70 crore. 

Police were tipped off and could make the arrests before the two men could strike a deal in the illicit market.

Whale vomit or ambergris, originates as a secretion in the intestines of a sperm whale and the same is used as a very costly wax. 

Found often in floating tropical seas, this wax can also be used to manufacture perfumes.  

Hindustan Times

In the city to sell their prized possession, Rahul Tupare, aged 53 and Lalit Vyas, aged 44, were both arrested by the Ghatkopar police with over 1 kilogram of whale ambergris.

Rahul comes from Nagpur while Lalit hailed from Gujarat. Speaking to Hindustan Times, Akhilesh Kumar Singh, DCP Zone 7, said: 

When we caught Tupare , he was found in possession of semi solid rock like lump. The scent is said to be pleasant and certain companies use it for perfumes. Experts have examined the seizure who have prima facie confirmed that it is Ambergris.
All That’s Interesting

The sperm whale was declared an endangered species in 1970 and the police have not ruled out the possibility of a larger racket being operated to obtain ambergris, which is also known as ‘floating gold’, in gulf areas.

The seized lump will be sent to the lab for a thorough examination the two culprits were nabbed by the police under the provisions of the Wildlife Protection Act.