From January 20 to February 20, if you get at least 75- 90 minutes before sunrise, you will be able to see Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter in the sky with the naked eye. 

Venus will light up in the southeast sky and Saturn, Mars and Jupiter will be visible to the west of Venus, Earth Sky mentioned on their website.  

The celestial group are called ‘naked-eye planets’ because you do not need binoculars or even a telescope to see them however that does not mean it is easy to figure them out, as CNN has mentioned in a report. 

But a pair of binoculars or a telescope will obviously give one a better view of the planets. 

Here’s how you can figure out the planets: 

  • First look for Venus in the southeast. It’s brightness will make hunt easier for you. 
  • Jupiter will be the second brightest thing in the southwestern sky. 
  • Mars will be the one with red dots between Venus and Jupiter. 
  • Saturn will be between Mars and Venus. 
  • Your troublemakers are likely to be tall trees, skyscrapers or fog. 
b’Source: EarthSkyorg.xc2xa0′

Happy Planet hunting!