Who knew being that the absolute best at something would enrage a full country, lead to public condemnation from her own family, and death threats to the tune of “chop her head off”?

We are talking, of course, about Mia Khalifa, world famous porn star, and recently ranked #1 on Pornhub, one of the world’s most popular porn websites.

Ever since Mia Khalifa wore a hijab in one of her porn videos, she seems to have offended one too many. Death threats and insults, have been quite generously flung at her over social media. Quite unlike the generally peaceful people of the middle-east?

Source: qpa.sch.bme.hu

Consider for a minute, that finally, there is news related to the middle-east which DOES NOT involve ISIS abductions or bloody revolutions. But no.

Speaking of ISIS, Here is some creative editing:

Some people object to her line of work, some object to the tattoos that she wears, some object to her ranking on Pornhub, some object to her being identified as Lebanese…

And some object to her very existence.

Mia, however, has held her own :


Why must her line of work be a cause for debate? It’s HER life, HER body, HER choice.

And considering how successful she is , we might as well congratulate her.