In an effort to get in on the phone market, and with the Windows Phone pretty much fizzling out, Microsoft has decided on a new course of action to beat its competitor, by taking over the iPhone with its own apps.

To that end, they’ve launched Word Flow, an app for iPhone that functions as a replacement keyboard.

It’s designed to make it easier to send messages and text with a single hand, a godsend for the more technologically challenged among us. However, according to Mashable, it’s only available in English in the US at the moment, and can function using the Swype feature, where you can text by swiping between letters to string words and sentences together.

However, the most prominent feature of this app is the ‘arc mode’, wherein your keypad converts itself into an arc, which makes it easier to type with one hand and is suitable for left and right handed people.

The app also has a regular predictive algorithm to suggest words, and all in all, makes typing texts a whole lot easier, at least on larger iPhones. Apart from this, you can also customise the background on the app, to get your keyboard to look just a little more funky.

This app was actually a product of Microsoft Garage, a format where Microsoft employees can work on technologies that don’t pertain to their immediate job. Even though it’s only for the iPhone right now, hopefully it’ll come out for everything else soon.