Let’s admit it, by the time Friday rolls in, our mind is on everything but work. And when Monday comes again, we spend half the day trying to stay awake. 

Well, it looks like Microsoft Japan has found the perfect solution to our Monday morning woes – a three-day weekend. And it actually led to a 40% increase in productivity for its workforce. 


In August, Microsoft Japan introduced Work-Life Choice Challenge Summer 2019, under the ‘Working Reform Project’, and implemented a three-day weekend for its employees. The result of a four-day working week was that productivity increased by 40%. 


Reportedly, employees took 25% fewer leaves during the month and used 23% less electricity. However, the major factor in increasing productivity was meeting changes. Due to a four-day week, shorter meetings were conducted, and many meetings were conducted virtually. 

*Like I’ve always said, most meetings could have been e-mails.*

With 92.1% of employees supporting the idea, Microsoft Japan now plans to implement it again in the near future. 

So, I’ll be taking Fridays off, because I wish to be more productive. Boss, you agree with this, right?