After years of frustrations faced by the general public, Microsoft has finally confirmed a feature in Windows 10 called ‘quick removal’ that allows you to pull a drive out of your computer at any moment.


This feature is now the default setting for each new drive being plugged in, according to Microsoft’s own support guidance. This feature became available back in October when version 1809 first started rolling out.


So we can finally all pull out our drives before Windows tells us that it’s safe for us to do so. 


What else is new then? The sky is blue, the Earth is round, the Loch Ness Monster ain’t real, and Internet Explorer is slow AF.  

We heart It

One can’t possibly imagine how tough the wait normally was before Windows would tells us that it was safe to remove our drives. 


And the relief this news brings us! What would we have done without it!


So in case this is really important to you, given that your computer has gone kaboom because you hadn’t followed the right protocols, let us know. We won’t do anything about it. But sharing is caring.