In an unusual turn of events, Jaipur witnessed a bizarre accident between a horse and a car on Sunday Morning, sending passer-byes into a frenzy. 

According to India Today, a horse who was tied on the roadside in Hasanpura area went berserk due to intense heat, followed which it crashed into a moving car. The temperature was a blazing 43 degree Celsius. 

Both the driver and the horse suffered minor injuries and were rescued by bystanders with the help of forest department. 

The animal, which was tied to a pole by his tangawala was provided with a packet of fodder to eat but it somehow blocked its eyesight that made it more furious. This as well as the skyrocketing temperature caused the horse to break away from the pole, dash into a motorcycle and finally crash with the car head on. 

“The horse reacted in such a manner due to the intense heat. The fact that it was unable to see when tied to the pole also irked the animal. It suffered some injuries but there is nothing serious,” Dr. Arvind Mathur, the doctor treating the horse told India Today.

(Feature image source: ANI video grab)