Ever since the lockdown has been announced, migrant workers in India are falling prey to hunger, poverty, exhaustion and helplessness. An intense heatwave across north India has further increased their challenges.

Recently, a four-and-a- half year old migrant kid died of illness at a railway station in Bihar as his father kept running for milk.


Migrant workers, Mohd Pintu and his wife Zeba, boarded a Shramik Special train with their son, from Delhi to Bihar, after losing their job during lockdown. They sold off their belongings in Delhi and wanted to reach their hometown for Eid.

Their child, Ishaq, fell ill on the train, apparently due to oppressive heat.

The Telegraph

As the train reached Muzaffarpur junction, his condition deteriorated. Mohd Pintu ran here and there on the station to find some milk for his ailing son.

By that time, it was too late and the child had already died.

The Tribune

Talking to HT, Pintu alleged that the administration took too long to respond.

We saw the prospect of reaching home on Eid as a good omen. Who knew that God had something else in store for us.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Railway, Ramakant Upadhyay, however, claimed that the boy was sick for some time and had died before the train reached Muzaffarpur station.

He also informed the media that arrangements were made for the family’s journey to their village.

Deccan Herald

Despite the government running so many special trains, lack of adequate food and water and intense heat conditions, are posing life threatening challenges to our migrant workers. And kids being more vulnerable are paying a hefty price.