It was a heartbreaking scene at Yamuna on UP-Haryana border as around 100 migrant workers decided to cross the river to go from one state to another.

Carrying luggage on their heads, the workers crossed the river to reach Kairana in Uttar Pradesh’s Shamli.

They had to take this difficult decision because the inter-state borders are closed and it was the only way to travel.

Countless risks aside, just the fact that someone would want to cross a river to reach home with about a 100 others is heart-shattering.

With their belongings kept on a tyre, cycle or head – these people march on, posing a big question regarding nation’s preparedness for a large-scale crisis.

As per a report from Outlook, they have been given refuge at a shelter home for now.

*NDTV has clarified that the video uploaded was from a stringer (freelance journalist)*