A few weeks back a video went viral that showed how some migrant workers and their families were made to squat on roads while disinfectant was sprayed on them. People were outraged after seeing this inhumane treatment.   

According to Indian Express, a similar instance has occurred again. The disinfectant was sprayed on migrant workers while they were getting their medical screening done in Delhi. The incident took place when they were waiting to board Shramik special trains at Lajpat Nagar’s Hemu Kalani Secondary School. 

Apparently, the tankers had South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) initials on them. Four workers pulled those trucks outside the school. They initially started spraying disinfectants on the road outside the school and then towards the direction of the people. 

Source: Twitter

Reportedly, the migrant workers were also asked to turn around and then it was sprayed directly on them. While some were coughing, others ran as the spray hit them. Many kids ran to find a hiding spot around the pillars or covered themselves with their bags.  

A Lajpat Nagar councillor added that spraying disinfectants was not intentional. He added,  

Screening of migrants who have registered for Shramik trains is going on opposite Lal Sai Market at Hemu Kalani school in Lajpat Nagar III. As the school is in a residential colony, residents and representatives demanded that disinfection of the compound be carried out. As per protocol, disinfectant spraying was being done in the evening in and around the school. Due to pressure from the jetting machine, the worker could not manage it for some moments. Staff have been instructed to be more careful in the future. 
Source: Bangkok Post

After this incident, municipality tried to justify themselves. They said that they "apologized" to the migrants and ensured them that they would be more careful. 

The Health Ministry earlier stated that the government is not recommending spraying individuals under any circumstances as the chemicals in the disinfectant solution are extremely harmful.