On Saturday evening, gau rakshaks were allegedly beaten up by mob of 50 persons near Shreegonda area of Ahmednagar district in Maharastra. The incident took place after members of cow protection along with police, had intercepted a tempo reportedly illegally transporting cows to a slaughterhouse, reported Indian express.

As per a report by Scroll, the victims belong to Samastha Hindu Aagadi Akhil Bhartiya Krushi Gau Seva Sangh, a cow protection group.

Shivshankar Rajendra Swami of Pune, who asserts to be a legally appointed honorary animal welfare officer, told Indian Express that they tried to rescue the cattle with the help of police.

b’Representational image | Source: PTI’

He further added that mob of 50 persons carrying sharp weapons and stones attacked them while they were returning from police station after lodging a complaint.

The police have arrested the vehicle’s owner Wahid Shaikh and driver Raju Fatrubhai Shaikh under the Maharashtra Animal Preservation Act and have assured further investigations.

(Feature image source: PTI / Representational image )