Taking on Arvind Kejriwal on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s educational qualification status, BJP President Amit Shah and senior leader Arun Jaitley on Monday displayed his BA and MA degrees and demanded a public apology from the Delhi Chief Minister. 

Forcefully rejecting the fake degree allegations, the two leaders accused Kejriwal of lowering the public discourse by spreading unsubstantiated canards against the Prime Minister

Jaitley even said the kind of allegations that have been levelled against Modi threatens federal polity in the country and such attempts should be defeated strongly while challenging the Delhi Chief Minister to verify his claims. 

“The politics of adventurism is being treated as a substitute for governance,” he said, mounting a strong attack on Kejriwal. 

Shah said Kejriwal has lowered the public discourse and that he has defamed the country before the whole world by levelling baseless allegations against Modi. “It is very unfortunate that we have to hold this press meet to clarify the Prime Minister’s educational qualification status,” he said.

(Feature image source: Twitter)