As part of a BJP publicity initiative, idlis named after Prime Minister Narendra Modi are all set to be offered to the public at Tamil Nadu’s Salem at just Rs 10 per four pieces. 

Hindustan Times

Posters of the same have been plastered at various parts of the city which shows a picture of PM Modi on the left side, ‘four idlis for ₹10’ written on the centre and a photograph of Mahesh, who is the ‘BJP propaganda cell state vice president’. It reads, 

Lotus hero Mahesh presents Modi idli. Four idlis for ₹ 10 with sambar, to be introduced soon in Salem. Made with modern kitchen equipment, tasty and healthy 

According to R Balasubramanian, BJP Tamil Nadu secretary, Media, the plan is to open 22 shops initially to sell the idlis and depending on its success, the number of outlets will be increased. Apparently, machinery to make 40,000 idlis have arrived already and the work will start by next week.