India loves to outrage. Twitter loves 140 characters of thought, however bereft of imagination or creatively awesome that thought might be. Hence, India + Twitter = The Great Indian Tamasha.

Recently, writer Salman Rushdie sparked an online debate of sorts when he referred to Modi bhakts as ‘ Modi toadies ‘ on Twitter.

The tweet had come following his support for Sahitya Akademi awardees who were returning their awards, especially Nayantara Sahgal:

A bit of Googling brought us to a 2012 article by Mihir Sharma in Business Standard , titled, Modi, myths and man . Sharma is the one who deserves the accolades/brickbats depending which side of the coin you favour, because, believe it or not, he coined the term ‘Modi-toadies’.

But, of course, who cares! The talk is about #ModiToadies . Let’s get back to the entertaining tweets doing the rounds.

It’s not a fair Twitter war if personal attacks are not made:

This smart fellow has come up with a satirical song on the episode:

We’ve lost count of the number of abuses and praises being thrown at each other. All we know is: Modi Toadies: 1, Modi Bhakts: 0.