If there’s one thing most male world leaders get when they meet Narendra Modi, it is a hug. It’s unexpected sometimes, but it’s the standard warm greeting accorded by our Prime Minister to most male visiting world leaders. Women leaders get a polite namaste or handshake. 

Don’t believe us? Here’s video evidence: 

But when Nepal PM KP Sharma Oli came calling in Delhi this is how he got greeted. 

b’Modi meets with Nepal PM KP Sharma Oli on Saturday | Source: PTI’

So why did PM Modi not hug his Nepali counterpart? There’s been no word from the Prime Minister’s Office or the Ministry of External Affairs on this. But then that wasn’t all that was wrong with how the Indian PM met Oli. 

As this concerned Twitter user made this stunning observation: 

Thankfully neither of of these things affected diplomatic ties. The two leaders deliberated on all aspects of the bilateral relationship, particularly the political situation in Nepal, following which Oli said “misunderstandings” that persisted in the last few months “no longer exist”. 

The two sides also inked nine MoUs to expand cooperation in a range of areas including in transport and power sectors. So finally all’s well that ends well.

Featured image source: PTI