Four people were arrested today for pulling possibly one of the most bizarre pranks of 2020. The con was so whacky, it almost makes you wonder why no one did it before.

PM Modi’s Varanasi office was listed for sale on OLX for Rs 7.5 crore. The accused had taken a picture of the Jansampark Kaaryalay (public relations office) of Modi, and put it ‘up for sale’ on the OLX website.


The ad listed the office as a 6500 sq ft villa with 4 rooms and 4 bathrooms. The listing has now been taken down.

The gag came to the attention of the Varanasi police, who proceeded to book 4 people and initiate legal proceedings against them. However, Twitter is already having a field day with the news. 

Damn, OLX wasn’t kidding when they said you can buy or sell anything.