In what can be termed as a perfect return gift to Pakistan for returning Geeta after 15 long years , the Indian government is set to return the favour. India will send back Mohammad Ramzan, a 15-year-old boy from Karachi who had sneaked into India.

Around 4-5 years back, Ramzan was separated by his mother Begum Razia when his father Mohammad Kazol took him to Bangladesh where he remarried. His step-mother started ill-treating him which led to forced him to sneak into India in a bit to escape.

The boy first landed in Ranchi from where he moved to Mumbai. He, then, went to New Delhi where he was caught by the police here and finally handed over to a shelter home (Umeed) in Bhopal in October 2013.

Hamza Basit, a 20-year-old Chartered Accountancy student came to know about his story. With the help of social media platforms, he traced his family in Karachi. “What couldn’t be done in two years, was done in just 11 days with the help of social networking site Facebook, microblogging site Twitter and Whatsapp,” said Basit who also thanked activists from Karachi for their equal efforts.

(With inputs from PTI)