India is a land of diversity, but does it gives you the freedom to celebrate the festivals of your choice? No it doesn’t. Diwali is the festival of Hindus, Eid of Muslims, and undoubtedly Christmas is meant to be celebrated by the Christians.

Recently, Mohammad Kaif celebrated Christmas along with his family and also shared the pictures of the same on Twitter.

What was he thinking when he celebrated Christmas? Isn’t he aware of the fact that he is a Muslim by religion and doesn’t possess the liberty to celebrate a festival of Christians? Wasn’t being trolled earlier this year for playing Chess and doing Suryanamskar enough for him?

Did he really think that he will be admired as a messenger of love and peace for celebrating Christmas?

Tweeps soon reminded him of the huge blunder he has committed by enjoying the festivities on Christmas Day.

There were some who even said ‘khuda se to daro’

Even those who supported him knew that he would be trolled

Hopefully, Kaif has learnt the intended lesson from these comments.

FYI, this article was written in sarcasm.