How far have your parents gone to punish you for something wrong that you did? Probably, grounded you for a week, banished you from using the internet or watching the television. But can you imagine a parent going to an extent of shaving your head?  

A shocking footage of a mom shaving her daughter’s head is being extensively shared online after the mother apparently discovered that her daughter had been bullying a classmate who had cancer. To add to the extremity of this punishment, the mother is being filmed shaving her daughter’s hair.


This act — which was an attempt to give the daughter the taste of her own medicine — witnesses the girl screaming helplessly as her mother shaves her long dark locks leaving her bald by the end of the video. 

A caption on the video says: ‘This girl bullied another girl at her school who has cancer so her mum decided to shave her head.’

However, according to reports,  the clip was first posted on Facebook back in February 2015, with a different description that stated that the girl had uploaded nudes online and hence the mother punished her for that. This video — with no clarity on where it could have been filmed because the voice isn’t clear — started going viral only this week.

Watch the video here:

Whatever may be the facts, the real question is — if it is even fine or legal to do something this awful to a kid? Do punishments need to be so outrageous and brutal?

The internet is all kinds of disgusted. Some called it bad parenting and some said — “Parents need to stop posting their children’s humiliation on the internet.”

Some even supported the mother saying that the hair will grow back and that it’s a good way teaching the kid a lesson. We understand that bullying is a cruel thing to do but is this even a way to teach a kid a lesson?

Let us know your thoughts.