In an unfortunate incident on the 25th of July, a landslide caused the death of nine tourists on a bus in Basteri,  Kinnaur. It resulted in a bridge collapse which also caused damage to multiple vehicles.

Twitter/ @deepadoc

Among the group of people, Deepa Sharma, an Ayurveda doctor from Jaipur had tweeted a photo of herself at Nagasti ITBP check-post at 12.59 PM, right before a landslide took place. She was on her way to Spiti to celebrate her 38th birthday on July 29. This was the last photo the doctor posted. 

If one scrolls down her Twitter page, other posts from her trip can also be seen. One’s where she’s tweeted videos and photos with cheerful captions of her experience. It is truly shocking to witness the unexpected nature of her demise. 

Several people expressed their grief over the incident. 

May her soul rest in peace.