Kerala has been hit with what can only be termed as the worst floods in over a century. Several people have lost their lives, home and livelihood. 

In these moments of despair and destruction, people from different walks of life have come together to help the victims, in whichever way they can. 

Here are a few moments that restore our faith in humanity. 

1. When the soldiers of the Madras Regiment rescued an infant from drowning.

2. When a rescue operation officer ran across a submerged bridge, holding a child suffering from high fever to get him to safety.

3. When IAS officers carried relief materials to flood-affected areas.

4.  When an award-winning restaurant donated all of its lunch-buffet revenues from Thursday through Saturday to assist people in Kerala.


5. When an 8-year-old girl donated her savings that she had been collecting to buy a new bicycle. The Chairman of Hero Motors himself tweeted out, promising her a new bicycle every year.

6. When inmates of Kannur Central Jail donated all their hard-earned savings to the Kerala Chief Minister’s disaster relief fund.

7. When people rose above their religion, caste, and creed and helped each other out. Like this temple that opened its doors to Muslims on Eid, since mosques were flooded. 

8. When this tea-seller sold tea in knee-deep water and proved that Kerala has an undying spirit.

9. When the Indian Navy airlifted a pregnant woman from her flooded home so that she could give birth.


10. When Kerala’s own superheroes, its fishermen came together to join the rescue mission.

11. When a Kerala hospital offered free heart surgery to a girl from Tamil Nadu who donated Rs 5,000 out of Rs 20,000 which she had crowd-sourced from friends for her heart surgery for Kerala flood relief.


12. When Khalsa Aid went out of their way and travelled across the country to offer help to the flood victims.

13. When a rescue team from Chennai saved 19 dogs from drowning in the flood.

14. When people from all walks of life came together to help the victims.

Actor Randeep Hooda quietly joined Khalsa Aid and was pictured serving food and providing relief materials to flood victims. 


15. When even in such hard times, almost 1200 flood-hit victims left a shelter impeccably clean.

16. When this fisherman put himself on the line so he could help victims get in the rescue boat. 

17. When a blanket merchant from Maharashtra donated his entire stock of blankets to the Kerala flood victims.

18. When this Kerala man offered his plot to people to bury the ones they loved and lost during the flood.

19. When this guava-seller donated his whole stock to a relief drive to help out the victims.


20. When Sikh volunteers from Khalsa Aid cleaned up an Alleppey church in time for Sunday Mass.


Faith in humanity restored.