Dogs are considered to be the most like-able animals by humans. Some people even treat them as a part of their family. But why this discrimination? There are hundreds of other species of animals in the world that are as special as dogs. So why not consider them as equals too ? Take an example of monkeys. Evolution says that we humans are evolved from them and that means they are the closest to what it can get to be human-like. But monkeys are kept in cages or used to as money-making objects. 

Photographer Perttu Saksa‘s series ‘A Kind of You’ features the lives of street performing monkeys in Jakarta. These monkeys are chained and dressed in children’s clothes and dolls’ masks, turning them into living toys, and then sent out onto the streets to beg for money. Take a look at some haunting, disturbing, creepy visual reminders of a cruel reality that leaves a strong sense of unease. 

In early 2013, Jakarta made the ownership of monkeys a violation of a criminal code on animal abuse. And later announced a cash incentive for handlers to release their monkeys from captivity.

Not so much ‘Insaniyat’ afterall!