Monolith: A large single standing block of stone, especially one that was put there by people living in ancient times.    

This object has pretty much dominated the internet for over a month now after it appeared and disappeared in a very remote part of Southern Utah, USA.             

But ironically, this is not the only instance that has occurred in the past few weeks. Similar instances have taken place in Romania, California and now Pittsburgh and this has really freaked out people across the world. People are wondering if this a prank or even a message from aliens.          

So, here’s a timeline of everything that has occurred around this very strange object.          

The First Monolith 

The first monolith was discovered on November 18th in a remote desert canyon in Utah’s Red Rock Country. A helicopter crew counting bighorn sheep noticed a very shiny metal that was deeply embedded in the canyon when they went to investigate, they found a 12-foot-tall monolith.        

According to sources, The Utah Department of Public Safety did not initially disclose the location of the monolith since it was found in a very remote area where it’s tough to reach by foot or even a vehicle. Since they had no idea when it was installed, it was found on Google Earth Imagery that the object was installed sometime between August 2015 and October 2016.        

However, it was indicated on November 27th that an unknown party has removed the monolith in Utah and the officials had no hand in this. However, BASE jumper Andy Lewis and adventure guide Sylvan Christensen, who filmed themselves removing the monolith from the desert on November 27. They say they did so for environmental reasons.       

The Second Monolith

The day the monolith disappeared in Utah, a second monolith appeared on Batca Doamnei, a hill close to the town of Piatra Neamt, Romanian news outlet Ziar Piatra Neamt.       

The two structures were quite similar but had a few differences. While both structures were reported to be almost 10 feet tall, the Romanian monolith was covered in circles while the one found in Utah was smooth. This monolith disappeared on December 1st.            

The Third Monolith 

One day after the second monolith disappeared, a third one emerged on top of Pine Mountain in Atascadero, California on December 2nd.     

Again, this monolith was quite similar to the others. This one was made of stainless steel and was 10-feet tall and about 18-inches wide. However, this one was torn down by a group of young men, who replaced the metal structure with a wooden cross.      

The Fourth Monolith 

Now, a fourth monolith was discovered in Pittsburgh outside a store called Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop. However, unlike the other three, this one was intentionally set up by the owner of the candy shop. He arranged a 10-foot tall, 24-inch wide triangle of plywood covered in sheet metal.           

The Real Fourth Monolith

An actual fourth monolith appeared out of nowhere at the base of a cliff on Compton Beach (Isle of Wight). According to sources, this one appears shorter than the others that have been showing up in locations around the world. This monolith is 8-foot-tall. 

This monolith has also been stolen considering the amount of attention it has received.         

Where do you think the actual fourth one will be right now?