Eman Ahmed, called the world’s heaviest woman, has died of numerous conditions like heart diseases and kidney dysfunction. She passed away on Monday morning at 4:35am, reports Khaleej Times.

The report says she died of “underlying comorbid conditions, including heart disease and kidney dysfunction.”

A resident of Egypt, Eman weighed 504 kg when she was brought to Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital in February for a weight-loss surgery. She lost over 200 kgs after the surgery.

After spending three months in Mumbai, Eman was transferred to Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi on May 4 where her treatment had continued. The move to shift her came after Eman’s sister claimed that Eman wasn’t getting proper care in Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital.

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Her death comes as a shock because she was said to be recovering and had begun to feed herself by mouth and use an electric wheel chair.  

It was reported that the doctors had started working on her speech and voice therapy. They also claimed that Eman had also shown movement in her lower limbs, which stands as a sign of improvement in her condition.