After Delhi government announced that it will intensify its efforts to tackle pollution, approximately 25 lakh litres of water was on Monday sprayed on roads to settle down dust. 

“As per the government’s order, we carried out water spraying along several roads. Agencies like New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC ) also watered their areas. The water was sourced from Delhi Jal Board, which has a huge amount of treated effluent that the agencies are encouraged to use for non-potable purposes. In the coming days, we will take more water to tackle dust,” a Public Works Department official told The Times of India.

Close to 250 water tankers were used for spraying water along major roads across the city. At several places, trees are also being washed so that the leaves accumulate dust.

PWD minister Satyendar Jain had on Sunday announced water sprinkling on roads on Sunday. He had also directed the Transport Department to challan and impound overloaded vehicles and instructed them to ensure that non-destined vehicles–not meant for Delhi–should not be allowed to enter the city as per Supreme Court orders.

(With inputs from PTI)

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