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Many of our deep-rooted beliefs are based on either folk tales or their portrayal in the media. But what if these stories were fabricated? What if they were constructed to manipulate us? 

While that will always remain a doubt, let’s us look at some of the biggest controversies that have emerged over the years.

1. Multiple theories suggest that Bush government might be the force behind the 9/11 attacks which shook America and the world.

The reason being that it needed a reason to justify attacks on Afghanistan & Iraq that would happen later. From the design of the aircraft, to the buildings crumbling inside instead of falling apart, there are many things that point towards the attack being designed by the US government that was in power at the time .


2. One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind – they can both be fake as conspiracy theorists suggest that man never landed on moon. 


There are rumours that their landing of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on 20th July, 1969 was shot in Area 51 of NASA which explains why the flags were waving without atmosphere, pictures had intersecting shadows despite having a common source of light and the sky on moon had no stars. 


3. Princess Diana’s accident was highly controversial, given her royal status and the questionable circumstances of her death. 

Diana – Princess of Wales- died in a hospital after sustaining injuries in a car crash on August 31 1997. 


There were rumours of the royal family being behind the accident because Princess Diana was allegedly pregnant with a non-Christian’s child. The lack of video footage despite the CCTV cameras also didn’t help.


4. There are rumours that the HIV virus was manufactured in a lab in the US and introduced into the bodies of homosexuals and African Americans to get rid of them.

They are said to have injected the virus during the 1978 hepatitis-B experiments in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.


5. Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun’s suicide is considered by many to be staged using lookalikes.

It is said that the lookalikes replaced Hitler and his wife inside their air raid shelter as they ran away and possibly changed their appearances to live their lives in disguise


6. Shakespeare’s work is highly respected but there are conspiracy theories that he might not be the author of his books. 

If the claims by mid-19th century authors Joseph Hart and Delia Bacon are to be believed, Shakespeare’s dramas were written by a group of writers overseen by Sir Francis Bacon and Sir Walter Raleigh. There are also rumours that Shakespeare’s work was actually written by Christopher Marlowe, who was trying to fake his death in order to escape the law. 


7. Does Illuminati still exist? Conspiracy theorists say maybe.

Illuminati is a group of people formed by the urban elite, the aim of which is to eliminate superstition, and religious influence over public life. 

Famous people like Michael Jackson and Rapper Tupac Shakur are said to have been killed for being  anti-illuminati. The question, however, is if it still exists. Some people say that major pop stars like Beyonce and Rihanna are part of the cult but nothing can be said for sure. 


8. We all know Elvis Presley died of drug overdose but some people believe that he faked his own death to escape from the mafia.


It is said that Presley was alive until 1977 and that his middle name Aaron was misspelled as Aron on his tombstone because otherwise it would have been a taboo. 


9. Decades after the supposed ‘UFO crash’ at Roswell, New Mexico, there is still a discussion about its legitimacy. 

The place is famous for a UFO crash, which has been surrounded by controversy and doubt. 

Some people say that the Area 51 of NASA has been reserved for the purpose of carrying out experiments on aliens, while the US government has maintained that the bodies sighted were that of ex-servicemen or dummies


10. Possibly one of the most bizarre conspiracy theories claims that many of the world’s political leaders are actually shape-shifting reptile aliens.

The theory was popularised by former footballer and English conspiracy theorist David Icke who once said:

When you get back into the ancient world, you find this recurring theme of a union between a non-human race and humans—creating a hybrid race.

Doubting every single thing right now.