India is home to many billionaires who live extravagant lifestyles and own some of the most expensive homes in the country. 

From Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia to Amitabh Bachchan’s Jalsa, here’s a list of some of the most expensive homes in India that boast of luxurious amenities and jaw-dropping architectural designs. 

1. Antilia

Owned by: Mukesh Ambani
Antilia is one of India’s most expensive properties that comprises of 27 floors. And, it has all the amenities that you can possibly imagine. It has a salon, a movie theatre, an ice-cream parlor, a swimming pool, multi-floor car parking, 3 helipads, and the list just goes on. As per reports, this property costs between ₹6,000-₹12,000 crores.

2. Mannat 

Owned by: Shah Rukh Khan
Mannat is a luxurious property that needs no introduction. This ultra-modern, spacious bungalow overlooks the Arabian Sea and it’s located at Bandstand in Bandra, Mumbai. As per reports, this 6-storey high building costs nearly ₹200 crores and it comprises of multiple bedrooms, a gymnasium, a library, and a personal auditorium among other things.

3. JK House

Owned by: Gautam Singhania
Located in South Mumbai, JK House is the second-tallest residential building in India after Antilla. Spread over 16,000 square feet, this property 30-storey building includes residential space, office space, five floors of reserved parking, a spa, two private swimming pools, a gym, a recreational area, and even a helipad. According to reports, this property has a valuation of around ₹6,000 crores.

4. Abode

Owned by: Anil Ambani 
Abode is yet another beautiful property that is spread over an area of 16,000 square feet and is almost 70 metres high. Located in Pali Hill, Mumbai, this property includes a swimming pool, a spa, a gymnasium and even a helipad among other things. You could easily call this house a seven-star hotel. As per reports, this property has a valuation of a whopping ₹5,000 crores.

5. Ratan Tata’s Retirement Home 

Owned by: Ratan Tata 
Industrialist Ratan Tata’s retirement bungalow in Colaba, Mumbai is spread over 13,350 square-feet and it’s divided into 7 levels. This luxurious property has a gym, a media room, a sun deck, a private parking area and an infinity pool too. And as per reports, it’s worth ₹150 crores.

6. Jindal House 

Owned by: Naveen Jindal
Located in Leafy Lutyens Bungalow Zone and spread over 3 acres, this striking building is nestled in one of the most expensive parts of New Delhi and it is considered an architectural marvel. As per reports, this property is worth ₹120-150 crores.

7. Sky House 

Owned by: Vijay Mallya
Liquor tycoon Vijay Mallya built his dream house in Bengaluru and he probably hasn’t even gotten a chance to set foot in it. This penthouse rests upon a 35-storey high-rise building and it’s spread over 40,000 square feet. It comprises of all the amenities that one can imagine and it boasts of a 360-degree view platform and even an infinity pool. As per reports, it is valued at a whopping $20 million.

8. Ruia House

Owned by: Ravi Ruia & Shashi Ruia
Located in the heart of Delhi, this sprawling bungalow is home to the owners of Essar Group and business tycoons, the Ruia brothers. This beautiful mansion is spread across 2.24 acres and as per reports, it’s worth a whopping ₹120 crores.

9. Jatia House 

Owned by: KM Birla 
This luxurious mansion is spread across 30,000 square feet and it’s located in Malabar Hill, Mumbai. Owned by the Chairman of Aditya Birla Group, this sea-facing bungalow boasts of 20 bedrooms, a central courtyard and a lush garden with a pond. This house is big enough to entertain 500-700 people and it’s worth ₹425 crores, as per reports

10. Jalsa

Owned by: Amitabh Bachchan
This mansion was gifted to Amitabh Bachchan by director Ramesh Sippy after completing the shooting for Satte Pe Satta. Spread over 10,123 square feet, this double storied residence boasts of a front porch, a verdant garden, glass chandeliers, plush rugs, spectacular paintings inspired by royal heritage and high traditional arches. It’s worth between ₹100-₹120 crore.

If given a chance, which house would you want to visit?