The first phase of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 has already kicked off. And it is one of your fundamental rights to go and cast your vote.

For those who have questions regarding the entire process of voting, we’ve tried to answer some of them here.

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When am I eligible to register as a voter?

If you are an Indian citizen who has attained the age of 18 on 1st January 2019, you can register yourself as a voter.

How can I register myself as a voter?

This can be done both, online and offline. For online registration, you will have to visit and click on ‘Apply online for registration of new voter’. Fill in the form here.

If you want to register yourself offline, you will have to fill Form 6 that is available free of cost in offices of Electoral Registration Officers/Assistant Electoral Registration Officers and Booth Level Officers.

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Can I vote if my name isn’t there on the electoral roll?

No, you cannot vote if your name is not in the electoral roll.

How do I check if my name is on the electoral roll?

Visit On the top left corner you will find an option to search your name on the voters’ list. Enter the required details and you’ll be able to check if your name is in the electoral roll.


How do I find out which polling booth I have to go to?

Visit and click on ‘know your booth’ on the top right corner. Enter the required details and you’ll get the information of your polling booth.

I was originally registered in my hometown, but have now moved to a new city. Can I enroll myself at more than one place?

No, you cannot enroll yourself at more than one place.

Can I transfer my vote from one constituency to another?

No, you cannot transfer your vote. Although, if you’ve moved to another city you can get your voter ID updated and get yourself registered in a new constituency. This can be done online on

Can I cast my vote without a voter ID?

Yes. From this year onward, you can now carry any of the 12 approved identity cards to the polling station and not just the voter ID.

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For any other information regarding voting you can call the Voter Helpline number 1950 (add your STD code before dialling).