With so much going on in the country, Indians remained hooked to Google in the year 2014. Owing to historic general elections and high profile weddings, keenly anticipated movies to shocking celeb break ups, India searched for an interesting mix of personalities throughout the year.

While there has been a definite increase in interest towards matters of national importance, it’s interesting to find what else sat hidden in the browsing history of Indians in 2014.

#10. Virat Kohli

This year had all sparks and kisses flying for the explosive Indian batsman. Following it up with a great show at captaincy and BCCI isn’t complaining!

#9. Poonam Pandey

Her tantalising FIFA WC dance video, lead Spain to a shocking early exit from the tournament, owing to concentration problems. #FakingNews

Source: filmibeat

#8. Shah Rukh Khan

When 8 pack abs don’t help, simply barge into a Salman Khan party (uninvited), dance, kiss bride/groom/Shera, click a selfie and voila! The country is Googling you already.

Source: youtube

#7. Priyanka Chopra

Looking beyond competition, she is one actor who is in a race with herself! Be it her impressive performance in Mary Kom or her parallel singing career, everything she did this year, created curiosity among her fans.

#6. Alia Bhatt

A quirky take on her IQ and a viral social short film later, “The Genius Of The Year” found not only India, but even Ashton Kutcher talking about her work.

Source: youtube

#5. Deepika Padukone

Coming into 2014 with a super successful year at the Box Office behind her, all it took her was a belly dance to set tongues wagging, rather fingers typing!

#4. Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif moving in with her beau Ranbir Kapoor made bigger headlines than her role in BANG BANG (supposedly inspired by Cameron Diaz)! Thank God for that!

#3. Salman Khan

Ok, if Mars had an active Internet connection, THIS man and THIS wedding would trend there as well.

#2. Narendra Modi

From Madison Square in US to MCG in Australia, ‘NaMo’ was the buzzword on and off the Internet.

#1. Sunny Leone

Owning the list for third consecutive year, this Baby Doll brings together Indian masses like no one else. This year as well, Sunny remained a dream come true for Indian men, if you know what I mean!

Source: desimag

With India becoming witness to some of the most enthralling showings in the fields of entertainment, sports and politics, 2014 was quite a year! As another promising year awaits us, keep the search bar busy folks! *Click*

This article was originally published on Huffington Post