I’ve always found The Final Destination franchise downright disturbing. One by one characters are trapped in elaborate life threatening situations, before finally getting bumped off. 

WARNING: This article contains some disturbing imagery and information. Reader discretion is advised.

But this kinda thing only happens in movies na? Umm no. You might be forgetting about live TV. From shocking awards show flubs, crimes happening in real-time, celebrity slip-ups to political events — anything can happen on it. And no way to recover from the shock either.

So get ready, because we’ve rounded up 10 of the most shocking live television moments that ever happened. 

1. The Challenger space shuttle explodes

This is one of the most unfortunate events ever to have been captured on live television. On January 28, 1986, the world waited with baited breath as NASA launched the Space Shuttle Challenger from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The mission of significance due to the on-board presence of Christa McAuliffe, who would be the first astronaut-teacher to be sent into space. But 73 seconds into its flight, the shuttle burst into flames, killing all the seven members on board.

2. The O.J. Simpson car chase

A legendary TV moment, every news channel and even basketball games began playing the weird chase that OJ Simpson gave the cops in 1994. After being asked to surrender to the authorities as a prime suspect, Simpson led the police on a low-speed car chase on the Los Angeles freeway. Simpson sat in the car with a gun held to his head and was tailed by the police for over two hours. 

3. The collapse of the second Twin Tower

Who doesn’t remember this dreadful day? September 11, 2001 shall always remain etched into our memories. From the horrifying site of passenger aircrafts crashing into the trade towers to seeing the second trade tower collapse and meet the ground in a matter of few seconds. The world watched as wrath unleashed in Lower Manhattan in New York City.

4. Murder of TV crew

You’re not safe. Even when you’re standing in front of a camera, reporting, with the entire world watching you. Newswoman Alison Parker and her cameraman Adam Ward were conducting a routine interview, when they were attacked by a gun wielding assailant who was later found to be a former employee of the news channel. Disturbingly, the entire incident was caught on camera which left the viewers scarred for the longest time. 

5. R. Budd Dwyer kills himself 


When the State Treasurer of Pennsylvania, R. Budd Dwyer was convicted of taking bribes during his tenure, he responded by killing himself. Dwyer called a news conference and committed suicide on live television in front of a group of reporters in 1987. Before shooting himself, he proclaimed his innocence with his last words being, ‘Please leave the room if this will offend you.’

6.Christine Chubbuck Suicide


Florida newscaster Christine Chubbuck’s suicide on live television was another incident which left the world shocked. After covering three national stories, Chubbuck announced on air that the audiences would see her attempt suicide on TV. The 29-year-old subsequently pulled out a gun and shot herself behind the ear. The station announced her death using a script that she’d written and left on the desk as she died.

7. John F Kennedy’s Assassination 

John F Kennedy was was attending a celebratory campaign with his wife Jacqueline in Dallas, Texas when he was assassinated. The entire world watched in disbelief as Jacqueline reached over the back of the car to grab the pieces of her husband’s shot skull. This is one of the most iconic and dissected videos of all times. 

8. Inejiro Asanuma’s Assassinated with a Sword

On Oct. 12, 1960, Japanese politician Inejiro Asanuma was assassinated with a samurai sword by a 17 -year-old militant nationalist, Otoya Yamaguchi. The assailant, rushed to the stage and stabbed Asanuma between the ribs on his left side. The incident stormed a huge political debate across the world, following which Yamaguchi killed himself inside his cell. 

9. Madonna and Britney Kiss

So if you’re all creeped out with all the murder and suicide stories, here’s looking back at one of our favourite moments from a music award show. After their opening act on the 2003 MTV VMAs, Madonna and Britney, two of the biggest pop stars of all time took a moment to kiss on-stage. What was even funnier was how the cameras immediately cut to Justin Timberlake (Britney’s then boyfriend), who looks confused. 

10. Steve Harvey Announces Wrong Miss Universe


Now who doesn’t remember this moment? Steve Harvey, while hosting the finale of 2015 Miss Universe pageant, pronounced Miss Colombia as the winner. It was after Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutiérrez had the crown placed on her head, that Harvey stepped on the stage and said that he ‘has to apologise’, but the winner was in fact Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach. 

Wow, I think I’m going to be reading books for a while.