A documentary titled Moti Bagh has become India’s nomination for the Oscars.

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Set in the beautiful foothills of Pauri Garhwal, the documentary unravels the struggles faced by a farmer in the remote Himalayan Village. 

Directed by Nirmal Chander, Moti Bagh showcases the story of Vidyadutt–an 83-year-old farmer who grows award-winning radishes and writes poetry.  


Vidyadutt left his government job to stay connected to his roots while taking care of his family plot in Sanguda Village. 


Moti Bagh brings up a concerning issue of how people in Vidyadutt’s region have abandoned acres of lush fertile lands and migrated to live the urbanised city lives. 


Chief Minister Trivendra Rawat, has congratulated Director Chander for the success of his documentary. He further praised the film and added: 

It will help stop migrations from remote areas.

With a belief that Moti Bagh will inspire young people to stay in their villages and work for their communities, CM Rawat encouraged young farmers to ripe the benefits of schemes launched by the state gvernment. 

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