Farmers from a remote village in Madhya Pradesh were in for a rude shock after they received a few unusual Rs 2,000 notes from a bank. The notes had a rather major defect – none of them had the image of Mahatma Gandhi on them despite it being one of the defining features of the note.

The incident was reported in the Bicchugavdi village of Sheopur district on Tuesday. 

Krishna Meena, a local farmer, received the defective notes from an SBI branch. When he began using the notes in the market, another farmer who also had similar notes, alerted him about the defect. They thought that the notes were fake and approached the bank, reports The Times of India.

The bank officials then informed them that the notes were genuine and the defect was due to a printing error. The bank officials took back the faulty notes, reports NewsX.

It was later found that the notes were printed at the Note Press in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh.

Earlier, the RBI had accepted that there were printing discrepancies in the newly issued Rs 500 notes as well, due to which there are two versions that may be in circulation. The central bank had however, said that both sets of notes were valid for use. 

The latest incident also drew a range of reactions from Twitterati: 

(Feature image source: Twitter| News X)