Marrying two individual’s at the same time is not only legally prohibited but, also morally wrong. But, having said that, it’s certainly not impossible. 

A man from MP named Sandeep Uike married the ‘girl of his dreams’ and another woman who was chosen by his parents in the same mandap, at the same time. Yes, this actually happened. 

The wedding ceremony took place in the presence of the family members and villagers in Keria village of MP. 

Sandeep is now married to two women- one from Hoshangabad district and another from Koyalari village of Ghodadongri block.

Apparently, he met his girlfriend from Hoshangabad district while he was studying in Bhopal. However, as courtship was going on his parents decided to get him married to another woman of their choice who belonged to Koyalari village.

For very obvious reasons, this led to dispute and conflict within the three families. Ultimately, the Panchayat had to intervene into the matter to resolve the issue. 

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In the Panchayat meeting, both the women were asked if they were ready to live together with Sandeep and to everyone’s surprise they agreed to this bizarre arrangement. 

Uike married both the brides and took vows to spend the rest of his life with both his wives. Mishrilal Parate, vice-president of Janpad Panchayat Ghodadongri and a witness to the marriage, stated that the three families had no objection with the marriage. 

People on Twitter had a few things to say about this unusual arrangement. 

Although, given the current scenario, it’s necessary to take permission from the administration before organizing any kind of function. 

But, in this case, Ghodadongri Tehsildar Monika Vishwakarma said that no such permission was given for the wedding. Now, the district administration is investigating the matter. 

Aur yahan mujhe ek dhang ka date bhi naseeb nahi ho raha!