The monsoon session of the Parliament recently began in both the houses. During the short duration discussion on the management of COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges that we face further, RJD politician and Rajya Sabha MP Professor Manoj Jha, delivered a short speech speaking on the behalf of all countrymen.

Starting as a grieving citizen, he apologised to all those whose deaths we couldn’t even acknowledge.

Hum sabko ek saajha maafinaama un logon ke naam bhejna chahiye jinki laashe Ganga mein tair rahi thi.

Remembering the other MPs who we lost this year, he stated a hard-hitting fact that never in the history of Indian Parliament has an obituary been paid to 50 members between two consecutive sessions of the House.

Recently, there has been a lot of noise on COVID-related deaths but without going into the numbers (aankdein), he expressed everyone’s personal loss something we all would relate to.

Ek vyakti nahin hai iss desh mein, iss sadan mein, sadan ke bahar, uss sadan mein, jo ye kahe ki usne kisi jaane vale ko na khoya ho.

The oxygen crisis that India faced during the second wave of COVID is something everyone knows about. Speaking further, he expressed how he and other MPs felt helpless when people urged them to arrange oxygen.

Hum arrange nahi kar paate the. Log sochte the saansad hai oxygen bichha dega. Naa. 100 phone me poore din mein shaam ko baith ke dekhte the success rate 2, success rate 3. Humko kisi aankdein ki baat nahi karni hai. Humko dekhna hai ki jo log gaye woh zinda dastavej chhod ke gaye hai humare failure ka.

Calling it a collective failure of successive governments since 1947, he went on to say that how he was unaware of the connection between hospitals and oxygen and the names of life-saving drugs like Remdesivir until recently.

Taking a jibe at free vaccination and free ration posters everywhere in the country, he further explained how India being a welfare state owes it to its citizens.

He also made a strong case for introducing Right to Health and Right to Work amid all talks of new laws, amendments and policies by the government.

Right to Health ki baat kyun nahin karte hum log. Swasthya ka adhikaar. Usme koi kintu parantu lekin vekin nahi. Constitutionally guaranteed, Right to Life ke sath link kariye. Kisi hospital ki mazaal nahi hogi ki woh khilvaad kar paaye uske sath.

And to all those who say the system failed, this is what he had to say:

Bachpan se sunte the ki ek system ke pichhe ek vyakti hota hai. System ke pichhe ek sanrachna hoti hai. Agar woh system fail kiya hai chahe Dilli mein ya kisi gaon ki galiyon mein. Toh vahan ki sarkarein fail hui hai ise system ka naam mat dijiye.

Listen to the powerful and now viral speech here.