It feels great when politicians listen to our concerns and take immediate action to resolve the issue. 

On Friday, MP Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar did something similar. 

The Energy Minister cleaned the toilets of the commissioner office in Gwalior after a woman employee complained about the unhygienic condition of the washrooms. 

After the woman complained about the filthy and dirty condition of the washrooms during his visit to the commissioner’s office, Tomar took it upon himself to clean the toilets. 

He asked local officials to give him the cleaning materials and he promptly got down to cleaning the toilets without complaining or handing over the task to someone else.

While speaking to the media about the incident Tomar stated that dirty toilets cause difficulties to all, especially women. He further added:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi to MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan make continuous efforts to ensure cleanliness. Offices should be clean. 

Tomar also directed local officials to ensure that the toilets always remain clean and usable for all employees, at all times.

Twitter users lauded the minister for leading by example. 

Kudos to him for setting the right example.