Indian cricketers are on par with film celebs in terms of followers. Many sportspersons have over 5 million followers on their social media account.

MS Dhoni, is still one of the most popular players across the globe. Despite his retirement from international cricket, Dhoni has a significant follower base who actively follow the former Indian captain’s social media activities.

On Friday, the disappearance of the blue tick from Dhoni’s Twitter account  caused quite a stir.


Thousands of Twitter users spotted the change in a couple of minutes and tagged Twitter’s official handle, asking the reason. 

Many fans are now questioning why this happened or whether his account was hacked. No, after MS Dhoni broke Twitter’s rules, the blue tick was withdrawn from his account by Twitter itself.

Well, nothing major, though. Anyone with a blue tick on their account must keep it active, and inactivity will result in the blue tick being removed.

According to an official Twitter help page, the person must have logged into their account within the previous six months to prevent losing the blue tick. The Chennai Super Kings captain, on the other hand, has been inactive on Twitter for more than six months. 

His most recent post was on January 8th, 2021.