For those of you who are wondering, Azerbaijan is a country situated across Asia and Europe and is in news today for reasons which might not please its citizens.


Forbes released its real time billionaires list on Wednesday and the chairman of Reliance industries, Mukesh Ambani, emerged to be on top of the list with assets worth $38 billion.

He overthrew China’s Hui Ki Yan to reach the top spot. 


Interestingly, that is more money than the GDP of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as per World Bank Data 2016 estimates.

Yes, this crazy piece of information is correct. Mukesh Ambani, as an individual, has more money than the GDP of an entire country. 


He is also consequently the richest man in India, followed by Wipro’s Azim Premji whose assets, worth $19.4 billion, are close to the GDP of Afghanistan.

The Hinduja family stands at the third position in the list with $18.4 billion.

While India still struggled with the effects of demonetisation and GST, the list is reflective of which business man is on the top of their game and has overcome these financial hurdles to emerge on the top.


Globally, Ambani stands on the 14th spot in the real time billionaires’ list which is based on the value of an individual’s assets on a real time basis.

Mukesh’s younger brother Anil Ambani is placed 45th in India with $3.15 billion. This has been a downfall for Anil as he was placed 32nd in the list last year.


After reading this, I am just scared to check my bank balance.