As the number of fresh Covid-19 cases continue to rise exponentially in India, major cities in the country, like Delhi and Mumbai, have reported shortage of hospital beds and proper treatment facilities.

Source: Indian Express

Amid this crisis, many Mumbaikars are coming forward to help the administration in every possible way. After a few Bollywood actors offered their hotels and office spaces for quarantine centres, now a builder has handed over a 19-storey newly constructed building to the BMC.

Source: ANI

According to a report by NDTV, the building has 130 ready-to-move-in flats, which will be converted into a Covid-19 facility.

Speaking to ANI, Mehul Sanghvi of the real estate company that constructed the flats, said:

We decided to do this willingly after discussing with tenants. The building is being used as a quarantine centre for COVID-19 patients.
Source: ANI

As of now, 300 patients have already been transferred to these flats, with 4 people occupying one flat.

Netizens are applauding the builder for this kind gesture.

These good deeds in the time of crisis is what restores our faith in humanity.